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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

We answer your questions about what goes into our delicious juices and smoothies and how we carefully prepare the fresh ingredients cleanly and safely.


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How do you prevent cross-contamination?

We are very diligent in our cleaning processes However, all of our materials have come into contact with nuts at some point. We do not use any products with dairy, gluten, or eggs.


Are your ingredients local?

Brooklin Juice Junction is proud to announce that all of our fresh produce is locally sourced from Valles Farms located in Ashburn.


Are all (or some) of your ingredients organic?

We use organic ingredients whenever possible, however, not all ingredients can be found organic all year round.


Which products are dairy free?

All our products are dairy free! The protein powders that we use are all vegan and we use almond milk in place of dairy.


Are any of your products caffeinated?

Yes.  We offer coffee products but all juices and smoothies are free of additives like caffeine. 


Which products are vegan friendly?

All juices and smoothies are vegan friendly!


Do you use artificial flavours, sweeteners or colouring?

We don’t use any artificial favours, sweeteners, or colouring of any kind in any of our products. Everything you see in our juices is all natural, cold-pressed juice. Nothing has been added, not even water. It's all pure.


Do any Brooklin Juice Junction's products contain gluten?

We are sensitive to gluten allergies and intolerances, and while most products are gluten free , any products containing gluten will be labeled in store. Please keep in mind that we do carry wheatgrass both frozen and live and while wheatgrass is considered to be gluten free, it can be problematic to some people with Celiac Disease. 


How long can I keep my juices in the fridge for?

Cold -pressed juices are raw and unpasteurized, therefore they can stay fresh in the refrigerator up to 3 days after the day they are juiced. If you would like a juice completely fresh to store for 3 days in your refrigerator at home, please call ahead and allow time for your juice to be made fresh. 


Will I lose weight on a juice cleanse? 

A juice cleanse is designed to help your digestive and detoxification systems in your body get refreshed with the nutrients they need to do their job. We do not recommend using a juice cleanse as a means of your only sustenance in order to lose weight. We do not recommend fasting. 


What should I eat while cleansing?

We recommend sticking to whole foods while cleansing. What does this mean? Whole foods are foods that have not been processed in any way. Stay away from packaged and prepared foods. Some examples of whole foods are fruits and vegetables that are preferably raw, whole grains like brown rice, quinoa, or buckwheat, and legumes such as beans and nuts. To give your body a little break, try to limit the amount of nuts as they are a little heavy on the digestive system. As well as processed foods, things like caffeine, sugar, alcohol, and oils should be avoided before, during and after the cleanse.